Hamish Mcgregor Plays Ball, Barber And Bilk

Best loved tunes that will leave you with a song in your heart and a swing in your step.

Edinburgh Clarinettist Hamish, gets together with Colin Steele (trumpet), Dave Batchelor (trombone), Ed Kelly (bass), Campbell Normand (piano) Eric Wales (guitar,banjo) and Alastair Morrow (drums), for a special programme, playing some oftheir best loved tunes.

A throwback to days you are probably too young to remember, but too much of aromantic not to idealize. Accessible, feel good, and impossible not to move to,it’s the cool cat’s answer to pop and jazz for people who don't like jazz. Including Midnight InMoscow, Samantha, King of the Swingers – Whistling Rufus, Stranger On The Shore,and many more. By the night's end, your ears will be ringing; you will have asong in your heart and a swing in your step.

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When & Where

Brunton Theatre
Enough tickets
Friday, 22 March