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Company Chordelia: The Chosen
Company Chordelia: The Chosen
An intensely moving dance piece about dying and embracing the art of living.
World premiere tour of the new show from Scotland's acclaimed Company Chordelia, The Chosen is a deeply personal reflection on how we experience the time left to us, created and directed by Kally Lloyd-Jones.
How do we choose to live in the face of the inevitable and how do we think about the final stage of our life cycle? Increasingly, as medicine advances, knowledge of imminent death has become a reality for everyone; The Chosen addresses our individual mortality from the shifting perspectives of ourselves and our loved ones. 

(Dance Picks Of The Year The Guardian and The Telegraph; winner Sunday Herald Culture Awards Best Live Performance; **** The Scotsman, The Times, The List, The Stage)

The Chosen - Trailer With Reviews from Company Chordelia on Vimeo.

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